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Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Pär Stenbäck 

Minister (Hon.)

Pär Olav Mikael Stenbäck, born August 12, 1941 at Borgå (Porvoo), Finland

Master of Political Science, Helsinki University


Cell phone: +358 50 52 52 060

Fax: + 358-9-4128725

Regular columns in the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet since 2004.

Honorary title ”Minister” bestowed by the President of the Republic, 1999.

Honorary Doctor, Petrozavodsk State University, Republic of Karelia, 2000. Gold Medal, The Swedish Assembly of Finland, 2014.

- Grand Cross: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Venezuela, 

- Commander, Order of the Lion, Order of the White Rose, Finland

- Holy St Vladimir Cross, Russian Orthodox Church

- Commander of the Ordre de Santé, Cote d´Ivoire

- Red Cross decorations from eleven countries